As parents, it’s understandable to have a host of questions about how to support your child’s healthy development. And while being a parent is often an exciting experience, you know the questions and unknowns with a new baby or during a child’s development years can be overwhelming.

Children can experience anxiety and fears like adults do, but often do not possess the tools they need to cope with these feelings, or know how to handle their grief or challenges they face at home or school that affect their behavior. While some of these concerns are normal, others need more attention to equip your child to manage life’s challenges.

That’s why I do what I do.

You are not alone. With a passion for emotional wellness and connection in families, I provide supportive counseling in a safe and nurturing environment where you and/or your child can experience more hope and joy than ever before. I come alongside new moms and parents in your transition to parenthood to find emotional balance and the tools you need to thrive.

For children, I offer play therapy. By speaking the child’s language through play, it allows your child to process their emotions and experiences in a healthy way. As I work in conjunction with parents, and include you in therapy, we are able to uncover what’s happening beneath the surface and help you better understand how to support your child.

If you have adopted a child internationally, I’m so glad you are here. My passion for emotional wellness has a special focus on families who have opened their hearts to a child from another culture. As you know, it is often important to seek therapy soon after your child comes home to help with the transition. I am certified in TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention), which is an attachment and trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. Again, you are not alone.

Call me today for a free consultation and to ask questions about how we might work together! There is hope.