Encouraging Joy & Connection in Families Through Play


Play is a child’s best way of communicating what is happening inside of them and parents gain a better understanding of their child when working with a child/play therapist. Play therapy helps children to learn to solve problems and change their negative behaviors. Some of the issues addressed in play therapy include:

  • preschool Issues/transitions
  • anxiety
  • separation anxiety
  • adoption/attachment
  • trauma, grief and loss
  • behavior challenges
  • sensory regulation difficulties
  • tantrums
  • school/relationship stress
Teens have many challenges to navigate including relationships with friends and family, anxiety, school stress, identity issues, and sometimes depression. I use a variety of creative ways to engage and connect with teens including art, collage, dialogue and music.
I believe that parents are an integral partner in the play therapy process. I usually incorporate parents into at least part of a session or the whole session with young children. I use directive activities with parents and kids called Theraplay to encourage positive interaction and fun. (


I am certified as a Trust Based Relational Intervention Therapist (TBRI). I specialize in working with families who have adopted a child internationally or domestically or are thinking about doing this in the future. My passion is to provide education and support to parents about trauma and attachment issues that affect children from “hard places.” When a child is adopted at an older age, often times they need their own individual therapy to work on identity issues, adjustment to adoption and cultural differences they may experience with their adopted family. I strive to provide support, encouragement and hope while helping with your family’s unique needs.
I work with parents alone or in conjunction with their child being seen in individual therapy. My goal is to help parents work on interventions to use at home and that can be implemented in daily living.