Supportive Counseling for Mom’s to Be, Postpartum Mama’s and Beyond

Planning for a baby can bring joy and excitement but sometimes sadness and anxiety when your plans don’t work out the way you expect. I support Women who are struggling with infertility, miscarriage and high risk pregnancies. Sometimes pregnancies can bring anxiety and depression during the time that you are supposed to be happy. My desire is to support you through your pregnancy and give you tools to help manage your mood so you experience more joy and hope.
If you ever wonder why you don’t feel happy after you have your baby you are not alone. Most women experience the baby blues, however, 15-20% of women experience more significant anxiety and depression in the postpartum period. Women describe feeling panicky, anxious about cleanliness, exhausted, angry and irritable and sad and depressed. You may experience one or many of these symptoms and there is hope! Postpartum Mood issues are very treatable with therapy. Call me today to start feeling better tomorrow!
Many women are trying to balance life with parenting, work, marriage, and other commitments. This often leaves women feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and discouraged. If you are experiencing anxiety or depression or just feel you could use support in your life then the supportive relational style of therapy I provide may be helpful for your situation.

2nd Wednesday of the Month:  10-11:15
Mama Wellness Wednesdays is a workshop style format addressing topics such as Emotional Wellness, Parenting, Life Balance, Mom Anxiety, Challenging Behavior from Kids, Connecting with your kids.
October Topic:  What is Emotional Wellness?
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